This can’t wait- Brunch!

While I’m not a regular Page Six reader, my stomach heard rumblings that their Sunday magazine on 10/26 had a feature on the 100 BEST BRUNCH SPOTS IN NEW YORK.

You can only imagine my excitement at this list that is organized by neighborhood, theme, price, brunching company and strength of wine collection. Although I’ve always had more of an affinity for mimosas or bloody marys between the weekend hours of noon and 4, maybe the wine brunch is a whole new world I’m missing…

When it comes to the food, though, my heart leaps at the sight of a brunch menu that has the guts to go above and beyond typical fare. Sure, western omelettes, egg benedicts and florentines are well and good, but show some creativity, people. Best omelette I’ve had all year was a special at Bubby’s- goat cheese and caramelized pears. Most unique dish was at Prune– their Spaghetti ala Carbonara. If you think that doesn’t sound very brunchy, I beg you to try. And by the way, Bubby’s and Prune are both on Page Six’s list.

I’d love to hear some other suggestions. Feel free to comment below on your own brunch preferences- places, foods (sweet or salty?), drinks, neighborhoods…and do take a look at that list– my Google Calendar is waiting.



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6 responses to “This can’t wait- Brunch!

  1. There used to be a place called Lola that had a gospel/soul food brunch. It was a phenomenal “experience” of a meal. A large choir singing gospel music while you eat delicious food and sing along.

    Anybody know if there are other gospel brunches?

  2. Michelle

    Thanks, that sounds awesome. Just looked it up, it used to be in Chelsea, but reopened last year in Soho, on Watts and Thompson.

  3. KH

    I hadn’t seen the Post list, I’m so excited to try some of those places! One of my favorites is Elmo on 7th Ave.

  4. so first this blog has a super name. i thought long and hard about variations of the name new york when i started mine, and never came up with new yorkier. very well done.

    two, that brunch list is great.

    three, i frowned when i saw your blogroll was absent my blog.

  5. Michelle

    Thanks, Paolo! As you can see, my blogroll still needs me to give it a little more love and attention (if I only read 5 every day, I’d be so much more productive), but I’m adding NYC the Blog right now!

  6. Ha thanks. 🙂 thats a pretty exclusive blogroll.

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