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This can’t wait- Brunch!

While I’m not a regularĀ Page Six reader, my stomach heard rumblings that their Sunday magazine on 10/26 had a feature on the 100 BEST BRUNCH SPOTS IN NEW YORK.

You can only imagine my excitement at this list that is organized by neighborhood, theme, price, brunching company and strength of wine collection. Although I’ve always had more of an affinity for mimosas or bloody marys between the weekend hours of noon and 4, maybe the wine brunch is a whole new world I’m missing…

When it comes to the food, though, my heart leaps at the sight of a brunch menu that has the guts to go above and beyond typical fare. Sure, western omelettes, egg benedicts and florentines are well and good, but show some creativity, people. Best omelette I’ve had all year was a special at Bubby’s- goat cheese and caramelized pears. Most unique dish was at Prune– their Spaghetti ala Carbonara. If you think that doesn’t sound very brunchy, I beg you to try. And by the way, Bubby’s and Prune are both on Page Six’s list.

I’d love to hear some other suggestions. Feel free to comment below on your own brunch preferences- places, foods (sweet or salty?), drinks, neighborhoods…and do take a look at that list– my Google Calendar is waiting.



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Time to get New Yorkier

One of the best things about New York (and there are too many to list, although maybe one day I will) is that there’s always something new to try. Always. And we’re lucky to have great publications and blogs that tell us all about all the things we should be doing. It’s easy to immediately say, “I must go here!” And easier to forget about it less than an hour later. Kind of like movie trailers. Especially the ones at the Angelika. How am I ever supposed to remember? We’re all busy people, with busy, crowded minds.

I recently started writing in a little notebook (with an ironically Parisian cover) all the restaurants, movies, shows, galleries, bars, et al that I saw, read or heard about in our great city . I thought, “There, now I won’t forget anymore.” But who was I kidding? I was the notetaker in college who scribbled (still do. not all girls have neat handwriting) and never turned a looseleaf page backwards until it was time to cram.

No, I needed to put my wildest New York ambitions somewhere I always look. The internet! I’ve started this blog in an effort to make my life New Yorkier. And the lives of any friends, roommates or dates I drag along with me. Your days of receiving ridiculous excel spreadsheets with New York Magazine’s “best of” lists organized by price and food genre are over. It’ll all go here. And I hope you enjoy.


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